Please make sure your Application falls within the objects of the charity.

Please read the objects of the Charity very carefully.

The Objects of the Charity are:

To relieve poverty and sickness and to preserve the health of Children with disabilities and/or Special care needs.

To preserve and protect the health of those caring for such children (including,but not limited to,their parents, carers and significant others) in particular but not exclusively by the provision of a holiday,support services through respite care, dialogue, advocacy, guidance, mentoring and inter agency working.

We can only consider applications in the UK.

Grant Application Form (Microsoft Word)

Grant Application Form (PDF)

You will need to set out the details of the nature of your claim for assistance, together with a note of why you believe that this claim falls within the objects of the Charity. 

If your request entails the purchase of equipment, please attach a full description of the equipment concerned, together with evidence of estimated cost thereof. For example, a quotation or a copy of a price catalogue. 

Please try to be specific. Short notes rather than a long essay would be appreciated.  If you need more than one page to describe the case, please attach the extra page hereto. Please, however, note that the description of your claim should be kept as brief as possible.

The Trustees meet at least every 3 months to discuss pending appeals, Once we receive your application our welfare officer will send you an acknowledgement, this will provide you with a date of the next trustee meeting.

We have had to introduce a points system when evaluating applications, due to limited funding the trustees will give preference to applications with the highest score.

In addition, we may means test some applications, if so, we will require further information regarding your personal finances.

The trustees will no longer consider applications for the following:
Mobile Phones
Tablets (with the exception of documented medical recommendation)