Holiday Home
We have purchased our first holiday home, it is situated at Golden Sands Mablethorpe. The holiday home will provide holidays for between 40 and 48 families each year, it has been fully adapted to cater for any disability, it has extra wide sliding doors, lowered work tops, lowered sockets and light switches, a wet room and access via a wrap around ramp, the park is entirely wheelchair friendly and has plenty of amenities to offer our families no matter what the weather. Mablethorpe has beautiful golden sands and is right outside the park complex. The cost was £32,000 and the running costs are approximately £4000 per annum,

Educational Trips in Lincolnshire
We have arranged for 139 children and 98 adults/carers to go on educational trips throughout Lincolnshire, The trips will focus on farming and horticulture. this will cost £3000 in total

Kids Patch
Kids patch is a community based allotment to support children of all ages to improve their wellbeing and happiness, promote and support a healthy lifestyle, encourage learning, promote respect and positive social behavior. It is run by Homestart who support vulnerable families with young children with challenges such as ill health, family trauma, poverty, multiple births and special needs At present they run in term time only but are asking for £1000.00 to enable them to keep the groups running throughout the summer holidays. Part of what they achieve through these groups are explore and learn about wildlife, how to grow, propagate and harvest fruit and vegetables, learn how to make healthy meals, community event bbqs and picnics, provide craft activities. The children have access to appropriately aged garden tools to be able to dig, plant, water and weed, and be able to take seeds and plants home to grow. The kits path is made up of raised beds to enable wheel chair access and at height suitable for children and those with disabilities to enjoy.
We have granted Kids Patch £1000 to keep it running through the summer holidays

Oscar is 3 years old,, he has cerebral ventnalomegly global development delay, autism, a convergent squint requiring glasses, poor hand eye coordination and balance. He is currently around 18 months develop mentally. He also has speech impediment. Mum would like to purchase a trike with a bench seat that can be ridden by her, (a trailer would be too dangerous due to Oscars lack of danger awareness and level of understanding) Oscar has 2 siblings and mum would like to go bike riding with all the children not only for fresh air and exercise but to spend quality time as a family and expose Oscar to different words, sounds, animals and hopefully spark spontaneous language as well as help to create and strengthen a bond between Oscar and his siblings. With the help of the Spalding Lions we are purchasing Oscar the tricycle. cost £950.00

Joshua is 13 years old, he has dyspraxia and dyslexia which causes him to wet the bed, the family have tried covers and bed pads to protect the mattress, due to Joshua's age and size, these move around and in the morning the mattress is wet.
Due to the smell Joshua cannot have sleep overs which impacts on his social well being.
we have purchased Joshua a waterproof hospital grade mattress so mum can disinfect it down each morning.

Child Plymouth
We have paid £500 to send one child and carer from Mayfield special school to visit Disneyland Paris, the trip is for a group if children and their carers, The school has managed to source funding from other business to enable the trip possible

Over the last 12 months we have been supporting Russel's family with the costs of his visits for weekly Physiotherapy, we have now helped to have a gym built at his home, we have also had the family bathroom restyled to accommodate Russel's wheelchair, we granted £5000 towards the cost of this

Family in Lincolnshire
We are purchasing a car for a family in Lincolnshire, at present the children cannot sit together as one of the children has ASD, and journeys become a very stressful event, The car we have purchased has 7 seats which will enable the children to be driven in safety, in addition Halfords have kindly donated a Parrot hands free kit so that mum can be safe and legal. the cost was £3000

Madelina is 6 years old and suffers from ASD
We have purchased a McLaren elite which is a stroller for larger children

Group from Yorkshire
We have paid for 54 children to visit the Tower of London, which is obviously not only a famous tourist attraction
but also an important part our history, most children even those in special schools will have done some work on
this and it would be nice to be able to actually visit there, There is access for those who are wheelchair users.
The children will also a cruise on the river Thames, which is an ideal way to not only to see some of the more famous sights of London, but also the river cruises tours also give an real insight into the city's history, and it is much more interesting then reading from a book.
The cruise is also ideal for those who have physical disabilities as they would be unable to access the tour buses such as Red Bus which again are a fabulous way to see and learn about the city and county's history
we have donated "£1000 to cover the cost of all transport, meals and entrance fees

Ellie May
we have donated £100 towards the cost of Elli-Mays Headstone

Alicia is severely physically and mentally disabled, her family and care staff provide 24hr care for her. Alicia desperately needs a new specialist bed and a H track system. We have purchased Alicia a Westfalia Klassik  Nursing bed. With head, footboards and bumpers the cost was £1399.64
Our intention now is to raise enough funds to be able to purchase and have installed the H track Alicia's carers desperately need

Eilidh is living with the diagnosis of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2
Due to poor muscle strength she is wheelchair dependant and has enjoyed the freedom of using the SnapDragon for many years. She has now outgrown the current model and is hoping to replace with another SnapDragon.
We have added £1000.00 to the funds the family have already raised.

Russel aged 11, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 18 months of age. This led him to have severe spasms and stiffness to his knees, which caused him to be wheelchair bound.
With support from charities, family member’s friends, the business sector and the general public a magnificent £28,000 was raised for Russel to undergo a pioneering cerebral palsy procedure allowing his nerves to function normally.
We are very pleased to announce that the operation was a great success which puts Russel that step nearer to walking. However he now needs to undergo an intense course of physiotherapy which entails him having to visit hospital twice a week for his therapy. From the very beginning this entire procedure had to be privately funded because the NHS determined that Russel's condition was too severe to finance this course of action themselves. Thankfully Russel's family never gave up the hope of him ever being able to walk, which is how to their great credit Russel is at the stage he is now.
Each session is costing the family £140.00 + petrol (the hospital is in Colchester, which is approximately 100 miles round trip)
As a family we cannot afford to send him to every session because 4 weeks of therapy costs £1120.00 + petrol.
Make Them Smile pay £100.00 each week to help cover these costs

GR8Keeping provides goal keeping training for young adults, it is run as none for profit. we have paid for several disadvantaged young adults to enlist.

Daniella has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy Diplegia, which affects all four limbs. She is an essential wheelchair user and has limited verbal communication. Daniella requires physiotherapy twice a day, to ease the stiffness in her muscles and joints. This will also prevent further deterioration in her posture. We are paying for Daniella to attend hydrotherapy treatment for 12 months.

McKenzie suffers from Autism, Sight problems, leg problems and Epilepsy, With your help we were able to get McKenzie a custom made tricycle from Tomcat for £1705.00. He is now able to play outside on his bike just like his friends.

Kaden who very sadly has a terminal illness, Due to public generosity we were able to assist with paying for Kaden to swim with the Dolphins in Florida

Anonymous (We have not named the child at the request of the family)
With your help we were able to purchase £1284.00 of sensory equipment for a 2 year old girl with severe medical problems

Social Services
We were able to renovate the Childs bedroom and make it a safe and secure environment, including carpets, bed and bedroom furnishing

Elisha has a development disorder, learning difficulties and special needs, she is undergoing tests at a genetics clinic. Elisha cannot walk very far and becomes very tired very quickly, her sister also has disabilities. Thanks to your help we were able to purchase an Electric scooter and provide a day out to CBEEBIES Land.

Joe has severe breathing problems brought on by his asthma, when the family's vacuum broke down Joe had to be admitted to hospital 3 times in 1 week caused by dust particles. We bought the family a new vacuum cleaner.

Sadly Elizabeth had her wheelchair stolen, Elizabeth has a very rare bone condition and needs a wheelchair to get around. Elizabeth and her family did their own fund raising and we were happy to add £250 towards the cost of a replacement wheelchair

Mackenzie has been diagnosed with severe Epilepsy, Autism and learning difficulties. Sadly Mackenzie could not sleep in his own bed as it became dangerous for him whilst suffering seizures and him falling out. we were able to purchase a new bed that was safe for Mackenzie to sleep in.

Laiba has severe Cerebral Palsy and global development delay, She loves going to the cinema but this has now become unbearable due to her illness, we have managed to get Laiba her very own TV so she can watch movies on Netflix.

Jacob was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia on Christmas eve 2012 when he was just 3 years old. Jacob is now 6 years old and he is just about to complete 3 years of chemo treatment. with your help we have managed to help fund a respite break for Jacob and his family

Daniella has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy Diplegia, which affects all four limbs. She is an essential wheelchair user and has limited verbal communication. Daniella requires physiotherapy twice a day, to ease the stiffness in her muscles and joints. This will also prevent further deterioration in her posture

We were able to assist Daniella fulfill her dream and swim with the dolphins in Florida, Mum sent a picture of Daniella with the dolphins. this can be seen in the gallery

Martha has so far been diagnosed both locally and at Great Ormond Street with Periodic Fever, Aphthous Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, Adenitis (PFAPA) Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Benign Joint Hyper mobility Syndrome (BJHS), gross and fine motor difficulties, Behavioral Difficulties, Pica (eating non-food substances) and sensory processing difficulties.

We were able to provide specialist equipment for Martha

Joseph was being admitted into hospital with breathing problems very regular, He was diagnosed with Asthma aggravated by the flooring in his home, thanks to your help we were able to replace the flooring in Joseph's bedroom.

We were able to cover the costs to send Colin to a specialist nursery for 6 months and help with the travel costs

With your help we were able to get Mason an ipad mini, this helps Mason to focus and sit down

Jack is a 17 year old young man, who has a range of disabilities that include Downs Syndrome, Deaf, Autism, Tourettes, ADHD, Mild Cerebral Palsy, Heart Disease, epilepsy, Bipolar and visual impairment. On the 19.11.12 Jack was diagnosed with Leukaemia on 27.11.12 Jack diagnosed with Philadelphia Positive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. This is a more rare and aggressive type of Leukaemia, which has required Jack having an intensive courses of Chemotherapy. The Chemotherapy has been aggressive and has had a detrimental effect on Jack’s health with him taking weeks to recover from the effects of the Chemotherapy. This has caused the medical team and mum to reassess the situation and to make the decision to only treat Jack on a palliative care basis as the Chemotherapy is causing him health problems and side effects that are worse than the effects of his illness and which are severely damaging his quality of life.

We sent Jack to Harry Potter Studios which he really loved, with your help we managed to cover the travel costs, the overnight accommodation and entry to the studios, his mum has kindly sent us some pictures of Jack having a fantastic time, we've posted these in the Gallery

Sadly, Jack lost his battle with Leukemia, on 13th September 2014.

Lara got her pull a long trolley and the family spent the day at Pleasurewood Hills theme park

Social Services Referral
With your help we were able to provide 2 beds, 2 carpets, a cot and a travel system for a desperate family

We were able to send Daniella and her family to a specially adapted apartment at centre parks, Sherwood Forrest

Social Services Referral
We were able to supply a few months worth of Specialist Nappies for a terminally ill girl.

We sent Kaden to Harry Potter Studios which he really loved, with your help we managed to cover the travel costs, the overnight accommodation and entry to the studio

Social Services Referral
We have helped 2 Children Who Desperately needed a bedroom carpet

Mackenzie has severe epilepsy, his medication makes him more aggressive and agitated than usual, Certain apps on a tablet would help to keep him calm and his family asked if we could help purchase a tablet for him. With your help we provided a Samsung Tablet.